Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Gerson Therapy

Dr Max Gerson

One of the most important creators of Natural Cancer Cures in the early 20th century was Dr Max Gerson. After suffering from excruciating migranes during his student days, he developed a unique regimen of nutritious organic foods and was finally able to cure himself completely of migraines.


Next, he applied his unique therapy to heal tuberculosis and later cancer. He discovered that toxicity and nutrient deficiency were the primary factors leading to cancer. Thus, the essence of his therapy was a plant based diet, avoiding meat, animal fats, excess protein and sodium while alleviating the buildup of toxins in the body. Supplements include potassium iodide, CoQ10, liver extract, pancreatic enzymes, Niacin, B12, vitamin C and flaxseed oil.


His alkaline diet is based on enriching cellular oxygen by eating plants and herbs, enzymes and antioxidants while the typical western diet is geared toward consumption of  meat, white bread, sugar, sodium and processed foods leading to oxygen depletion and acidosis, decisive forerunners of cancer and other degenerative diseases.


The Gerson therapy fits in nicely with  Warburg's discovery that cellular oxygen and high alkalinity are key to preventing and curing cancer. Gerson also warned about loss of potassium in the cells while they take in more sodium and excess water and reducing ATP energy. Therefor, a low sodium, high potassium vegan diet achieves the necessary balance to increase cellular oxygenation.


To greatly reduce toxins in the body, especially in the liver, bile duct and gall bladder, the therapy relies on coffee enemas taken daily. 


The Gerson therapy requires a radical change in lifestyle for most people and should be administered in a clinical environment at least for the first phase, allowing patients to adjust physically while supporting each other emotionally.


  Charlotte Gerson



Before the 2nd World War, Max and his family moved to the US and settled in New York where he opened a cancer clinic in his apartment.


Steadily, he gained a solid reputation at healing cancer patients with exposure on the ABC news network. But this was during the time that Morris Fishbein of AMA infamy was launching a war against Natural Healers like Gerson. 


When Gerson tried to get his seminal book on Curing Cancer in mostly terminal patients published, he failed to find a willing publisher. One of the catalysts behind Fishbein's attack was fear of losing the lucrative cigarette ads in the AMA Journal which he had personally promoted. 


Despite this setback, Gerson continued his practice in New York until he died, when his daughter Charlotte moved to Mexico to open a clinic. There they could practice the Gerson Therapy openly and succeeded in curing thousands of patients over four decades including many terminal patients abandoned by the medical establishment. 


This nutritional therapy based on oxygenating the cells has achieved complete remission in most cases while those undergoing surgery, radiation or chemo, either die or suffer metastases and recurring cancers, lucky to live thru the 5 year benchmark. 


With proven success, Gerson therapy does require a dramatic change in lifestyle. In fact, this change would benefit everyone whose western diet has contributed to the exponential increase in cancer over the last century at an exorbitant price. 












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